The Si-Stretcher is a revolution in flexibility. It is a band that uses the tensions created by two foot loops whose length can be adjusted during the stretch to put pressure on the muscle of your choice. This allows you to relax and focus on letting the muscle stretch as opposed to tensing and trying to hold a difficult stretch position. A tense muscle is more likely to rip then to stretch, So relaxing a muscle while stretching is paramount.


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BASIC Mechanics;

 Place your foot or hand or elbow or leg through the loop.




 Pull the strap section without the loop to increase the intensity of your stretch. Pull on alternating sides in order to maintain an even placement of the strap.



 Lift the edge lip of the buckle and pull on the strap with the loop in order to release the pressure of the stretch and make the strap longer.




 Press on the sides of the buckle to activate the emergency release mechanism. If you should get stuck in a stretch or are feeling pain and cannot adjust the length of the strap this is how you release yourself.





Place the padded middle of the strap on your lower back. Place one loop on each foot. Extend your legs and let them separate. Relax and let your legs stretch.



To increase the stretch, bend one knee, tighten the strap and straighten your bent leg. If you wish to increase more repeat this on the other side until you feel a good stretch.



Try and relax into your stretched position. Remember that the stretch should be uncomfortable, but not painful. If it hurts, STOP!






Place the padded strap on your lower or upper back. Place the loops on your feet. The strap goes over your thighs. Place the bottoms of your feet together. Bend your knees fully. Tighten the straps until you feel a stretch.




Place the padded strap on your lower or upper back. Place the loops on the opposite feet so that the straps cross each other and pull your legs together forming an X shape above your shins. Tighten the straps and lean forward. You can bend your knees, tighten the straps and then straighten them to increase the stretch.






Place the padded section of the  strap on your upper or lower back. Place both loops on one foot. Tighten the strap until you feel a stretch. The leg not in the strap can be tucked in front of you, bent behind you, extended to the side or extended to the back.